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99.co and Prout Team Up to Help LGBTQ Community Fight Housing Discrimination

99.co and Prout teamed up to host the Meet Your Next: Housemate event, on 19th September this year. The event was to help LGBTQ individuals to find housing, in an environment skewed against them. Here’s what went down: What’s Meet Your Next: Housemate Singapore’s LGBTQ community faces housing discrimination, that goes beyond social implications. As…

diversity in tech is necessary to build a robust tech sphere

We Stand Behind Diversity in Tech

Some core tenets celebrated in the tech industry include speed and agility, an insatiable thirst for innovation and improvement and most importantly a culture of openness and inclusivity. As a proudly diverse and inclusive company, we have attracted some of the brightest minds in the tech world. Because we have built a safe workplace where…

Pink dot banner 3Pink Dot 2019

99.co Supports Pink Dot 2019

It’s almost time for Pink Dot, and this year 99.co is expressing its support for an inclusive Singapore. Here are some of the things you’ll be seeing from us: First, a quick tweak to our famous search maps You’ll notice that you’re seeing a lot more pink on the search maps. Don’t adjust your screen…

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