Bedok: 5 places you should hunt down and explore

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Don’t write off Bedok just yet
Don’t write off Bedok just yet

Bedok might be a mature estate which doesn’t have the same cool factor that some of the other neighbourhoods do (we’re talking: Tiong Bahru), but don’t judge it too soon. This mature estate still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

  • Gear up for an adventurous treetop obstacle course
  • Get a beautiful bronze glow from kayaking at Bedok Reservoir
  • Treat yourself to one of the artisanal desserts from this well-loved cafe
  • Check out this hipster hawker centre which has a smorgasbord of delicious food
  • Prepare to be mind blown by the Curry Egg Mayo Croissant at this cafe

Gear up for an adventurous treetop obstacle course



If you’re one of those people who like keeping active, but can’t stand the thought of repetitive, mundane exercise such as hitting the gym, you’ll love Forest Adventure! Located at Bedok Reservoir, Forest Adventure is Singapore’s one and only treetop obstacle course. Their Grand Course consists of 35 different obstacles and will take you approximately 2.5 hours to complete. There’s also a Kids Course and Mini Course for the young ones to participate in the fun!

Forest Adventure is closed for renovation until April 2016; they will resume operations thereafter.

Get a beautiful bronze glow from kayaking at Bedok Reservoir


Blazing through the treetops isn’t all you can do at Bedok Reservoir. Bedok Reservoir Park is also a hotspot for water activities such as dragon boating, wakeboarding and kayaking. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast, then head down to the People’s Association Water-Venture to rent your kayak or canoe. We can’t think of a better way to spend some time outdoors, and under the sun!  

Treat yourself to one of the artisanal desserts from this well-loved cafe



If you haven’t heard of Fatcat’s signature charcoal waffles and salted egg yolk sauce, or its gourmet plated desserts, you must be living under a rock. The Ice Cream Bar, which is hidden amongst an unobtrusive row of shophouses in Bedok, prides itself on creating distinctive flavours with bold cooking techniques.

If you get the chance, try the Deconstructed Papaya Salad. This dish, which comes with two bon bons (French sweets) dusted with curry powder and filled with liquid centres, is sure to excite your tastebuds!

Check out this hipster hawker centre which has a smorgasbord of delicious food



Bedok Marketplace is the hawker centre to beat, no doubt about that. Slow down your footsteps and be reminded of a long gone era with the traditional shophouse facades that the food stalls are outfitted in – and then tuck into the amazingly delicious food from the various stalls. In particular, check out the following:

  • The Burning Oak, where you can get sumptuous yakitori grilled over a traditional charcoal fire. Business is so good, they’ve recently expanded to take over two units!
  • Uncle Chicken Rice – if the flavours here taste familiar, that’s because this is none other than the famous Sin Kee Chicken Rice from Margaret Drive. Whilst they have a new name, what hasn’t changed is that you can still get a plate of chicken rice at the low, low price of $2.50.
  • Ballistic Meatballs – once you’ve tried their meatballs, you’ll never be able to go back to having IKEA meatballs again. Best-sellers include the Crispy Crab Meatballs, featuring a mouthwatering chilli crab sauce.

Prepare to be mind blown by the Curry Egg Mayo Croissant at this cafe



Who knew that curry and croissants would go so well together? Thanks to specialty coffee shop Percolate, diners are now able to indulge in this irresistible combination of flavours. Sink your teeth into the buttery, flaky croissant and the spiced egg mayo which is rich, decadent, and pretty much everything you could ask for. To wash it down, order their Coconut Latte, which comes highly recommended!  

Want to stay around Bedok?

Bedok might not be as desirable an estate as some of the newer, hipper estates – but it’s still got a lot going for it, as evidenced above! If you’re thinking of staying at Bedok, check out this table of average resale flat prices in the past!





$302,200 $399,900 $556,500


$305,400 $412,000


2014 $325,500 $432,750


Source: HDB.

Want to get a condo instead? Here are some great options in Bedok:

Gemini Apartments – $1,062 average psf.

Park East – $1,208 average psf.

Bedok Residences – $1,476 average psf.

If you want additional information about Bedok, you can read more about it here.

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