Are You a Top or Bottom Person (for Property)?

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Are you a top or bottom person? We’re referring, of course, to whether you’re the sort who should live on the top floor, or the ground floor. What else did you think we meant? Check it out:

What is a top person like?

Top people have the following traits:

  • Phobia of ka-chua, lizards, and other creepy crawlies
  • Love of K-drama scenes where someone holds a wineglass and gazes out over the city / sea-view
  • Has a playlist consisting of favourite hits like “total quiet”, or “will all my neighbours please shut up”
  • Loves elevator music, or that contemplative ride up or down in the lift
  • Keep quoting “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”, and want to make sure burglars / thieves need to do a lot of extra work to get into their top-floor fortress
  • Have a bigger housing budget; now you can literally look down on people if you want to
Couple Looking Out of Window
Stay on a top floor if you want to look down on others (literally)

All these requirements can be met, in the top three to five floors of a block (some might say the top 10 floors). In most condos, units cost more the higher you go; the difference can be up to $10,000 to $15,000 just for being one floor up. Ergo, top floor units are commonly associated with classy, exclusive types (although it’s a bit of a stereotype).

What is a bottom person like?

Bottom people are down-to-earth, literally and metaphorically. These more practical types:

  • Want to save time by not having to wait for the lift
  • Prefer the possibility of more space over a dramatic view
  • Are adapted to their urban environment, and don’t mind the noises
  • Passed Secondary school science, so they know that heat rises
  • Speaking of heat, they want to be the first ones out when a fire starts

The bottom four floors usually count as “lower floor” units. These units may be a bit bigger than higher floor units, although still at a lower cost. Bottom floors are often preferred by those who have elderly family members, children (no window ledges to crawl on), and family members who are mobility impaired.

(For the same reason, some landlords choose ground floor units so the unit can cater to everyone, including the mobility impaired).

Ground floor people are often seen as the more social and practical types, because of their preferences. They have to be okay with people walking to and fro all day.

A Group of Women Chatting at a HDB Void Deck
Ground floor people are usually more social, as they have to be okay with people walking to and fro all day

It’s worth acting early to get the pick of your choice

At any property launch, the first units to get snapped up tend to be at the top or bottom floor. It’s a good idea to show up early, to get the unit you want. Also, remember that having a top or bottom floor unit improves resale value, and rentability; most people tend toward one of these two options, rather than the nondescript middle floors.

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