5 reasons why you shouldn’t rule out investing in commercial property

Let’s say you’ve squirrelled away a significant amount of money and have been thinking of plonking it down on a property for investment purposes. Uncles at your local coffeeshop have been filling your head with praise for various condo projects, and how residential property prices over time and the monthly loan repayments are more than…

affordable living arrangements for couples whose new homes are being built

4 Affordable Living Arrangements For Couples Whose Homes are Still Under Construction

In other developed societies, couples move in together before getting married, and then at some point before or after the wedding they decide if they’re financially stable enough to purchase a home. In Singapore, something quite different happens—couples wait years for their flats to be built, and many are forced to continue living with their…

Home Loans

3 Important Basics Singaporeans Must Know When It Comes To Your Home Downpayment

The biggest hurdle to most Singaporeans hoping to purchase property isn’t the hefty loan repayments each month, but the gigantic downpayment, a sum that exceeds the lifetime earnings of the average person in many neighbouring countries… especially as we’re not exactly known for being the biggest savers, thanks to the existence of Orchard Road. Even…

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