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property myths Singaporeans believe

5 property myths Singaporeans wholeheartedly believe in

Property myths are more dangerous than simply being misinformed. It’s easy to correct misinformation (i.e. being told the wrong thing). But myths are self-confirming beliefs and mindsets that are hard to change. For example, when you find out that “walking distance” to the MRT actually pushes the limits of what your legs are capable of,…

HDB loan vs bank loan

Deciding between HDB loans and bank loans? Here’s a quick reference.

That’s probably the second thing that many first-time homeowners are wondering, after figuring out where their first home should be. Overwhelmed with all the jargon and fine print? Don’t worry, we’re here to break down the differences between HDB loans and bank loans. Key points about HDB loans vs bank loans HDB loans require a…

a couple stressed over finances and housing affordability

Now that interest rates are rising, how will it affect housing affordability?

Over the past several months, there’s been a growing concern about housing affordability. Despite the recession and pandemic, housing prices have been on the rise ever since the end of the circuit breaker.  Resale prices for HDB flats and condo units have been rising for the ninth and eighth straight month, respectively. Factors such as…

shorter home loan tenure

When should you consider a shorter home loan tenure?

If you’re a financially conservative Singaporean who hates to take on debt, chances are you’ll cringe at long home loan tenures. Not only does the concept of borrowing stresses you out, you feel you’re losing out by taking a long tenure. Truth is, home buyers are often advised to take the longest home loan tenure…

hdb home loan rate cpf interest

Why on earth is the HDB Home Loan Rate pegged to CPF Interest Rate? Here’s the answer.

If there’s one thing Singaporeans don’t complain enough about paying more money for, it’s the interest for their CPF-pegged HDB mortgage. Most first-time homeowners, especially BTO applicants, choose to take the HDB Concessionary Loan over bank loans, despite the fact that the HDB home loan rate has now been higher than the average bank home…

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