1,001-sqft Pinnacle@Duxton flat sold for S$1.37m at record S$1,369 psf – most expensive 4-room HDB resale in Singapore

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Correction: In an earlier version, we reported that 59 4-rooms and 113 5-rooms at Pinnacle@Duxton have since been sold at or above S$1m. We’ve since corrected this to 82 4-rooms and 126 5-rooms. Also, the psf price for the 4-room Pinnacle@Duxton flat has been rounded to S$1,369.

A 1,001-sqft 4-room (Type S1) flat at the 46-48th floor of Blk 1D of Pinnacle@Duxton has just been sold for S$1.37m (S$1,369 psf) in October 2022.

The sale has made it the most expensive 4-room HDB resale flat in Singapore (the 6th most expensive HDB resale flat overall) and the 2nd-highest price ever paid for a flat at Pinnacle@Duxton.

The current highest was for a 1,152-sqft 5-room (Type S2) at Blk 1F, which sold for S$1.389m (S$1,205 psf) in March 2022.

According to Ms Bernice Kang from ERA, the agent who brokered both the record-breaking 4-room and previous 5-room sales at Pinnacle@Duxton, the buyers of the 4-room were a couple in their 30s to 40s.

“They love the high floor and view and mentioned that the unit felt comfortable and welcoming,” Kang shared.

pinnacle duxton
HDB’s Pinnacle@Duxton has set many records. The most recent is Singapore’s most expensive 4-room flat and the highest per-square-foot price for an HDB resale flat. (Credit: Arc Studio Architecture + Urbanism)

Not to be outdone, another slightly larger 4-room flat (1,012 sqft) was sold for S$1.3m (S$1,284 psf) in the same month at Pinnacle@Duxton, making it the 2nd most expensive 4-room flat in Singapore.

Outside of Pinnacle@Duxton, the most expensive 4-room HDB resale flat would be at City View @ 9 Boon Keng Road – a 1,023-sqft DBSS 4-roomer, which sold for S$1.18m (S$1,153.47 psf) in November 2021.

What’s particularly astounding about the Pinnacle@Duxton sale is that its S$1,369 per square foot price is the highest recorded for HDB resale flats nationwide.

In per square foot terms, this places it just ahead of the S$1,364.3 psf price recorded for a 689-sqft 3-room (Simplified) flat at 498 Jurong West Street 41 (sold in November 2009).

Here’s a quick chart to get you up to speed:

Recent record holders (as of 25 October 2022)
Sale registration Room Type Project/ Address Floor range Size (sqft) Price Price (psf) Distinction(s)
October 2022 4-room (S1) Pinnacle@ Duxton 46-48 1,001 S$1.37m S$1,369 Most expensive 4-room and 6th most expensive HDB resale flat in Singapore, and the most expensive psf price for an HDB resale flat
October 2022 4-room (S1) Pinnacle@ Duxton 49-51 1,012 S$1.3m S$1,284 2nd most expensive 4-room HDB resale flat in Singapore
April 2022 4-room (S1) Pinnacle@ Duxton 31-33 1,001 S$1.228m S$1,226 3rd most expensive 4-room HDB resale flat in Singapore
March 2022 5-room (S2) Pinnacle@ Duxton 46-48 1,152 S$1.389m S$1,205 Most expensive 5-room in Pinnacle@Duxton and 3rd most expensive HDB resale flat in Singapore
July 2022 5-room (Premium Apartment Loft) SkyTerrace@ Dawson 37-39 1,313 S$1.418m S$1,079.97 Most expensive HDB resale flat and 5-room flat in Singapore
October 2022 5-room (DBSS) The Peak @ Toa Payoh 40-42 1,227 S$1.38m S$1,124 Most expensive HDB resale flat in Toa Payoh and 5th most expensive HDB resale flat in Singapore
September 2022 Executive 150 Mei Ling Street 10-12 1,615 S$1.288m S$797.52 Most expensive executive flat in Singapore (with two others – a 1755-sqft Executive Maisonette (EM) in Bishan Street 12, sold in Jan 2022 and a 1679-sqft EM at Mei Ling Street, sold in July 2022)
October 2022 Multi-generation 666 Yishun Avenue 4 10-12 1,765 S$1.063m S$601.98 Most expensive multi-generation flat in Singapore
October 2022 5-room (Improved) 7 Pine Close 16-18 1,184 S$1.1m S$929 Most expensive HDB resale flat in Geylang
October 2022 Executive (Apartment) 629 Bedok Reservoir Road 7-9 1,862 S$1.049m S$563 Most expensive HDB resale flat in Bedok

The sale was captured on 22 October 2022, three weeks after the 30 September 2022 cooling measures were announced. It is also probable that the option-to-purchase for the 4-room flat was signed before the announcement.

When asked about this, ERA’s Kang confirmed that the buyers weren’t affected by the recent cooling measures and that the option-to-purchase (OTP) was signed before the announcement.

Located at Cantonment Road in Tanjong Pagar, the Pinnacle@Duxton HDB project was completed in 2011 and entered the resale market in 2015. It has seven 50-storey blocks, making them the world’s tallest public residential buildings.

There are 1,848 units in total – 1,232 4-room (Type S1) units and 616 5-room (Type S2) units.

pinnacle@duxton 5-room interior hdb flat
The interior of a typical apartment at Pinnacle@Duxton.

In terms of million-dollar flats sold, 82 4-room flats at the Pinnacle@Duxton have been sold at or above a million dollars so far (6.66% of all 4-rooms, or 4.44% of all units).

For 5-room flats, 126 have been sold at this range (20.45% of all 5-rooms, or 6.82% of all units).

It is anybody’s guess if the record-setting per-square-foot price of S$1,369 would remain unbeatable for long (lettuce game, anyone?). We’re still surprised it came from the sale of a 1,001-sqft 4-room flat.

4-room and 5-room flats for sale at Pinnacle@Duxton

How much higher will 4-room HDB resale flat prices rise? Let us know in the comments section below.

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