All construction and renovation works to cease from 7 April: BCA

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In line with the Singapore government’s Covid-19 circuit breaker measures that includes the suspension of all non-essential activities at workplace premises, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has issued an advisory stating that all construction and renovation work nationwide are to cease for one month, from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020 inclusive:

“…all work, including all building works as defined in the Building Control Act (Cap. 29), are required to cease with effect from 7 April 2020, 0000 hours to 4 May 2020, 2359 hours (both dates inclusive).

All stakeholders of the construction industry, including developers, builders, qualified persons, site supervisors and construction material suppliers, must comply with the work suspension…”

The building works defined in the building control act covers the whole gamut of construction and renovation work, from site formation works at the start of a project to all renovation works in completed buildings.

Construction sites and worksites will come to a standstill for the duration of the circuit breaker period, which is an especially timely decision since Covid-19 clusters have been surfacing in foreign worker dormitories. (The construction industry employs a large proportion of these workers.)

BCA’s announcement is expected to have a massive impact on developers and homeowners, who have already faced prior delays to their projects due to the lockdowns in China and Malaysia.

malaysia lockdown slow condo hdb completion
Construction sites in Singapore will come to a standstill from 7 April onwards.


Government will protect developers, contractors and interior designers

To protect firms and individuals with contractual obligations affected by Covid-19, the government will soon pass a new Bill to relief them of their contractual obligations for six months from the commencement of the legislation, but may be further extended for up to a year.

This means that their clients (e.g. a homeowner whose renovation is delayed) will be unable to claim damages arising from any delays that occur during this relief period.

The relief period will be sufficiently long, as companies in the supply chain need time to reboot their processes and restore production to full capacity after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

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Risk of hazards to the public minimised

To ensure that ongoing projects will be safe and not pose a danger to anyone during and after the circuit breaker period, the BCA also ordered the following to be executed prior to the worksite shutdowns:

“All project parties (i.e. developers, builders, qualified persons and site supervisors) must immediately carry out all necessary works to ensure the structural safety and integrity of ongoing building works, so that the building works may be suspended safely and remain safe for the full duration when the work suspension is in force.”

The authorities also understand that certain forms of necessary works might take more time. Project parties may write to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to request for a time extension, so don’t be alarmed if you see activity at some construction sites on 8 April.

Most importantly, you don’t have to be worried about Aedes mosquitoes breeding in suspended worksites. The BCA has assured that all work deemed essential, such as environmental protection of the project site (e.g. dengue control), will continue as per normal throughout the circuit breaker period. The security of the worksites will also be maintained along with regular checks on structural safety and integrity.

dengue fever fogging
Don’t worry, dengue control will still be carried out regularly at suspended worksites.


Household emergency fixes and repairs still allowed

Homeowners also won’t be stranded if an emergency—such as a burst pipe in the kitchen—happens around the home. That’s because the government counts the following as “essential services”:

  • Plumbers, electricians and locksmiths in times where emergency household services are needed
  • Retail and repair of consumer electronics, IT peripherals, and household appliances

Essential services will continue operating during the circuit breaker period. Hardware stores will also remain open, so you don’t have to resign yourself to a month in darkness when your living room light blows.

Finally, in all cases where operations and services continue, safe distancing measures apply.


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Reader Interactions


    • Tony Tan

      My HDB 4room flat having HIP From 31 March 2020 to 11April 2020.
      1. Can they, will they continue till completion?
      2. I brought this unit few months ago, pending for HIP Completed then renovate the house.
      3. Change Kitchen wall and floor tiles ( already finished hacking)
      4. Change new water piping
      5. Change all Electrical wire
      6. Painting work
      7. Air conditioning work
      8. Change all existing windows.

      Can I know where or who to write in to seek approval to continue the renovation job.

      Currently I’m renting a Apartment and supposed to handover end in May 2020.

      Please assist and advise.

      Thank you

    • Lawrence Yeo

      If reno works cannot proceed how can landLords like me handover my premises to my tenants on time. I have a contractual obligation !!

    • Yap Siok Chin

      How do all the owners who sold their HDB flats n staying in their sold flat with extension period of balance of 22 days n renovation works has suddenly stop to survive this sudden n haphazard without even consultation or notice to do.
      We are senior citizen. This type of arragement will make us homeless n no way to turn to.
      We understand the problems of pandemic Covit 19 has brought us i would appreciate if u could kindly help us in this situation n tell us what is the best solution.
      Pleasr be informed that there are many many family like us is affected by this sudden decision of stoppage of renovation work.

    • MS Lim

      We are also the affected party. our flat appointment was completed 31Mar but buyer has given us extention for my resale flat renovation which can be completed in time to handover the flat to buyer. Works and hacking was going on since, however the govt has imposed the circuit breaker, hence all works have to stopped on 7 Apr till 4 May which affected our reno and unable to handover on time. There is no way that we could move in as the place is in a mess, cos in the midst of reno with floor hacked, all the wires dangling, no toilet facilities etc… How can I possibly hadover my current flat to buyer as we do not have a place to stay for 6 of us? We cant possibly be sleeping in voiddecks or the street, using public facilities for wash up while waiting for the flat reno to be completed. So, we need your assistsnce how to go about handling such situation. Can buyer force us to leave our current premise? If yes, then how and where I can get assistance from?

    • Ali ismail

      Hi sir / Madam

      I have similar case as above recipient our hdb has been sold and approved extension period is on 11th May 2020. Under the circuit breaker period will delay our renovation. I seek your kind assistance on this matter

    • Yap Kim Len

      I just got my completion of sale for my flat April 1st from HDB.
      I got a contractor to apply permit to renovate the flat on the 6th and the contractor told me that the submission rejected. My present place that i’m staying till end of April unable to extend.

      We are a family of 3, couple and a son staying.

      Please advise how to get compensate to rent a place temporary for the time being.

    • It is good for health, we have to keep ourselves safe.

    • Mr Neo

      I have the same problem, I need to handover my flat to my buyer on 31 May, and my application for a resale flat is on hold due to the circuit breaker, My family of 6 will be homeless.
      Kindly advise me what is my next step of action. Can the relevant authority please assist on an urgent basis.

    • Seah

      Anyone found an answer? I am in the same situation, where reno cannot continue at my new house and my current house is going to hand over to the buyer soon.

    • Fauziah

      I am facing the same situation as the rest. I have to handover my current flat to the buyer by May 1st 2020. My agent have tried talking to the buyer to give us extension until the circuit breaker ends but buyer disagree and demand for the flat to be handed over to him as agreed.
      My issue right now, my new home was currently undergoing renovation and only completes around 40% and not in a living condition. As of 7th April 2020 all renovation work has to stop. There are 4 of us in the family, myself, husband, 21 months old baby and 65 year old mum.
      The question is what will happen to us after May 1st? Our buyer will take over our current flat and neither our new home is ready. I desperately need your assistance and advise pls.

    • Elaine

      I’m in the same situation.. Currently staying in a rented place suppose to move out in May when my house completed renovation.
      Renovation project not completed when the circuit breaker kicks in, est 7 more days to completion.
      – installation of toilet bowls and water heater
      – fix the motor gate
      – installation of door
      – clean up the space for move in.
      Currently the site door is left open , and work are all stop.
      Bill been passed to protect firm from owner seeking compensation for the delay.
      Who can we pass on the cost of the extension of my current rented place to ?

    • Happy to see protocols being strictly implemented. Thanks for writing and sharing this post with us.

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