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Sengkang MRT map

The Non-Tourist Trap Guide to Living in Sengkang

In this instalment of the non-tourist trap guide, we will be looking into the fast developing neighbourhood of Sengkang – once considered a backwater, today considered a hotspot for value property buys: History of Sengkang Sengkang is a satellite residential town located in the north-eastern part of Singapore. Sengkang means ‘prosperous harbour’ in Chinese. It…

Friends looking online for suitable apartments to rent

5 Things to Know Before Renting an Apartment with a Friend

It’s common to hear young adults wanting to have space of their own. However, not all friendships can withstand the test of renting an apartment together. Think you know your friend well? Wait till you encounter issues like these: 1. Spending excessive time in the toilet Time in the bathroom is everything, especially for a woman….

Mopping cleaning service to give the place a fresh new look

How to choose a cleaning service in Singapore

As a property agent, you’re probably already familiar with the term “home staging” – this refers to the art of sprucing up a house, so that it’s more appealing to potential buyers. Think of it this way: it only takes 7 seconds for humans to form a first impression, and homes which are cleaner and…

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