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calculate rental yield property guide

Calculate rental yield in Singapore: a quick and simple guide

Rental yield is often cited as the reason why investors are attracted to property. At viewings and previews, however, what the first-timer usually gets told is the gross rental yield they’d get, which doesn’t factor in all the additional payments buying and renting out a property entails. What really matters to buyers is net rental yield,…

How To Spot The Best Investment Property

Not all properties are created equal. Find out what makes a potentially good investment property. Buying investment property is quite different from buying one to live in. If your agenda is the former, then the first thing you need to do is to assess whether the said property can potentially generate a steady rental income…

Dual Key Units Property

Dual-key units: Analysing pros and cons for property buyers

Dual-key condo units first hit the market with the launch of Caspian by Fraser Centrepoint Homes back in 2009. Since then, developers have caught on, launching numerous projects across Singapore that feature dual-key units, including Park Place Residences, Kallang Riverside and 120 Grange. With dual-key units, owners essentially have two self-contained living spaces that share…

hdb rental yield high

Why are rental yields so high for HDB flats?

If your only concern is rental yield, then an HDB flat will come out ahead of a private property simply because a HDB flat costs less. Many HDB flat owners will tell you about yields as high as 5 to 7%, about two percentage points ahead of private properties. But is this accurate, and does…

million dollar hdb clementi

Has Clementi become prime real estate in Singapore?

Before we point out why Clementi deserves prime real estate credentials, we’ll reiterate two attributes that make any housing estate in Singapore worth a second look: location and amenities. Location here mainly refers to being located close to the Central Business District (CBD). For HDB estates far from the CBD (i.e. less than ideal location),…

preentive maintenance

5 Preventive Maintenance Steps to Protect Your Rental Yield

Want to keep your property’s rental yield intact? Then check out these key maintenance tips, courtesy of Mr. Wright: “Prevention is better than cure” ― the popular proverb among the medical and healthcare communities, is just as pertinent when it comes to your protecting your property’s value. In fact, the fundamental principle of preventive maintenance…

Property jargon of the day: Rental yield

Property Jargon of the Day: Rental Yield

Every day, 99.co picks a piece of property jargon to explain it. Today we look at rental yield. Here’s how it works: Rental Yield The rental yield measures how profitably you can rent out your property, in relation to what you paid for it. When people talk about rental yield, they can be referring to…

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