7 stunning sea view condos in Singapore

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It’s always a luxury waking up to the sight of the sea – blue skies and clear water stretching ahead endlessly. Imagine going for a five-minute stroll down the beach to rejuvenate yourself after a long day – it sounds like a dream! 

But you don’t have to wait for your next vacation to experience this. Seafront living is quite limited in Singapore, with most in the East, but there are still some condos in Singapore with absolutely stunning sea views you shouldn’t miss. 

We picked seven condos with gorgeous sea views that we think you would enjoy. Note that prices may be estimates at the time of writing and subjected to change.

Seaside Residences (Artist’s impression)

#1: Seaside Residences

District: D15

Nearest MRT: Kembangan, Siglap (upcoming)

Price: S$690K-S$18M

PSF: S$1,352-S$5,464

Siglap’s Seaside Residences is a new 99-year leasehold condo built in 2021. With 843 units, the condo offers views facing East Coast Park.

It’s also only a 10 minutes walk away from the upcoming Siglap MRT (expected to open in 2024) on the Thomson-East Coast line! 

The condo is built in the north-south direction, so the units are likely to be facing the north-south direction. That’s the best position for avoiding the sun while having ample ventilation.

Units above the 6th floor are also likely to get a clear sea view. 


#2: Coastal View Residences

District: D17

Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris

Price: S$1.1M-S$2.29M

PSF: S$1,005-S$1,315

Located at Pasir Ris, Coastal View Residences is a small condo with 40 units and 20 storeys. With the completion in 2009, it has a 999-year lease and is situated near Downtown East. 

While it is a relatively small condo, it provides ample amenities that are well-maintained, including a pool deck, fitness corner, swimming pool, BBQ pits, parking, and security.

However, the direction of the units might not be the best. You might get a unit facing south-east, which is ideal since your house will get some lovely morning sun from September to March. But you might also get a northwest unit, which is not the best as you will get partial afternoon sun from March to September. 

Coastal View Residences



#3: The Meyerise

District: D15

Nearest MRT: Dakota, Tanjong Katong (upcoming), Katong Park (upcoming)

Price: S$1.65M-S$3.45M

PSF: S$1,862-S$2,627

non-prime condos the meyerise view
The view from the living room of a penthouse unit at The Meyerise.

The Meyerise is a freehold condo on Meyer Road. It was completed in 2016, with 31 storeys and 239 units. 

When the new Tanjong Katong MRT and Katong Park MRT along the Thomson-East Coast line open in 2024, the condo will just be a 10 minutes walk away!

With no buildings standing between itself and East Coast Park, The Meyerise has units with an unobstructed sea view. 

Its units are also likely to be facing the north-south direction, which is excellent for ventilation and avoiding the direct sun.

This 3-bedroom unit (1,313 sqft) is relatively on the higher side at $3.45M, but offers a breathtaking sea view that’s worth the price. 


#4: The Seafront on Meyer

District: D15

Nearest MRT: Stadium, Katong Park (upcoming)

Price: S$1.85M-S$5.8M

PSF: S$1,379-S$2,398

Seafront at the Meyer

Also, a freehold condo located on Meyer Road, The Seafront on Meyer was completed in 2010 with 24 storeys and 327 units. It will be just a five minutes walk away from the upcoming Katong Park MRT.

This 3-bedroom unit (1,604 sqft) is spacious, with stunning and clear views of the sea. The apartment is also facing south, so you won’t have to worry about the direct sun heating your home. 


#5: Meyer Mansion

District: D15

Nearest MRT: Katong Park (upcoming), Tanjong Katong (upcoming)

Price (indicative): S$1.2M-S$18.49M

PSF (indicative): S$1,079-S$26,837

If you’re willing to wait, Meyer Mansion is a freehold condo that is estimated to TOP in H1 2024. Situated on Meyer Road, it will have 25 storeys and 200 units. 

It’ll be a five minutes walk from the upcoming Katong Park MRT on the Thomson-East Coast line. The opening of these upcoming MRTs coincides with the completion of Meyer Mansion!

The condo is also just a walk away from East Coast Park and Singapore Sports Hub. And since it’s right next to the beach, you can expect an unobstructed sea view.

#6: Costa Del Sol

District: D16

Nearest MRT: Bayshore (Upcoming)

Price (indicative): S$1.44M-S$2.98M

PSF (indicative): S$1,151-S$1,750

Costa Del Sol is a 99-year leasehold condo built in 2003. Located at Bayshore Road near East Coast Park, it has 30 storeys and 906 units. While it is slightly older, its facilities are well-maintained. 

This S$2.5M 4-bedroom unit (1,475 sqft) is renovated and south-east facing towards the sea. That’s a fantastic direction – not only will you get ventilation and lovely morning sun (without any direct afternoon sun), but there’s also a stunning panoramic sea view to go with it.


#7: Costa Rhu

District: D15

Nearest MRT: Stadium, Tanjong Rhu (upcoming)

Price (indicative): S$1.26M-S$4M

PSF (indicative): S$1,040-S$1,804

scenic views costa rhu

Costa Rhu is a 99-year leasehold condo built in 1998 and located at the end of the Central Business District (CBD). With 6-18 storeys and 737 units, the condo offers a breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline and Marina Bay.

When the upcoming Tanjong Rhu MRT station along the Thomson-East Coast line opens in 2024, it will be the closest MRT to Costa Rhu, at just a 15 minutes walk (or 3 minutes drive) away.

Did we miss out on any developments with stunning sea views? Let us know in the comments section below or post an image from your balcony on our Facebook post

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