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orchard triplex penthouse sells loss condo

Orchard ‘triplex’ penthouse with stunning views sells for $6.1 million loss

Although condo prices in Singapore’s prime districts are staging a rebound following the Covid-19 shock, fire sales of repossessed units (i.e. bank sale) remain commonplace. In November, a freehold, triple-storey penthouse near Orchard was sold in a bank sale at $6.1 million lower than its last transaction price—representing the biggest loss from a property sale…

inside vicki zhao huang youlong ardmore park penthouse

Inside the $28 million penthouse that Vicki Zhao’s husband, Huang Youlong, bought

Let’s face it, a billionaire unloading $28 million on a penthouse is child’s play. But when a relatively high-profile billionare, like actress Vicki Zhao’s husband Huang Youlong, buys a penthouse in one of the most prime locations in Singapore DURING the Covid-19 lockdown, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows, especially since there are some…

james dyson house penthouse neighbour wallich residences

James Dyson gets a new neighbour downstairs

Billionaire inventor James Dyson has been in the news lately for all the right reasons, with the company he founded joining the fight against Covid-19 by designing a ventilator at breakneck speed. (The ventilators will proudly carry Made-in-Singapore motors from the Dyson factory at Tuas.) But we think that the British-born Dyson—also a Singapore PR—is…

Man in chair with cigar, looking down on 20+ commercial properties

James Dyson has Bought Singapore’s Biggest, Most Expensive Penthouse

Billionaire (re?)inventor of vacuum cleaners and fans James Dyson has bought Singapore’s biggest penthouse. This is at Wallich Residences, and it’s a whopper: Who are we talking about here? Sir James Dyson is a British inventor (or some would say re-inventor) of top-line household appliances, such as the bagless vacuum cleaner and bladeless fan. Think…

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