12 affordable properties within 1km of top primary schools in Singapore

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Are you really a Singaporean parent if you don’t get caught in the ‘kiasu‘ trap when it comes to enrolling your child into a top primary school? While it’s natural for every parent to want what’s best for their children, uprooting their entire lives for their child to attend a good primary school is definitely taking parenting to the next level.

There are many reasons why parents gun for a particular school. Some want their kids to study in their alma mater as a way to preserve the family tradition of having generations graduate from the same school. Others might be eyeing a branded school as they see it as a major key in giving their child a strong head start in life by building important connections early and having access to better co-curricular activities.

If you think pre-school jitters only affect the students, you’d be wrong – parents facing the impending decision of picking a primary school are definitely feeling the heat, perhaps even more than the children themselves.

Primary school registration criteria

The admission criteria of getting into a primary school give priority admission to children living closer to their preferred school. They have a higher chance of being admitted due to their close proximity, versus those living outside the specified radius.

According to MOE, this Home-School Distance (HSD) rule prioritises the educational interest of the child, so they can spend less time on daily commuting and more time pursuing other interests, as well as for the convenience of the family.

Parents should take note that the rule is set to change from 2022 onwards. Currently, the HSD rule is calculated based on a specific reference point from within the school compound. However starting next year, MOE will expand this reference point, calculating the shortest distance from the School Land Boundary (SLB) to the applicant’s home instead.

This will result in an increase of the number of homes that fall within the 1km radius of schools by an average of 10 per cent, which means more children might qualify to attend schools near their homes.

Parents can use the Singapore Land Authority’s SchoolQuery tool to find out if their home lies within the 1km or 2km radius of their chosen school.

Facing stiffer competition

Another incoming change is the combining of Phases 2A1 and 2A2 in tandem with doubling the current 20 places reserved in Phase 2C of the primary school intake. Phase 2C is the open category for those who have no prior links with the school. This is usually the most competitive phase, compared to the other phases where places are reserved for children with alumni associations.

Those with prior links to schools now have less advantage in MOE’s bid to make the admission process a fairer one.

When schools are oversubscribed, the school will run a ballot, which is essentially a lottery where the likely advantage you have is the proximity of your residence to the school.

In the face of such fierce competition, many parents have (and will) move to within 1km of a choice primary school years ahead of time.

If you’re one such parent looking to purchase a property to be closer to your child’s preferred school, we’ve got you.

Here are 12 popular primary schools we’ve shortlisted, along with properties that are closest in proximity to the respective schools as well as the most affordable options.

This list is compiled based on other lists online. It takes into consideration the various offerings each school has such as the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), Special Assistance Plan (SAP) and popularity of each school during the Primary 1 registration phase.

With 99.co‘s user-friendly interface, finding a place near your preferred primary school has never been easier. The filters tell you exactly the distance between the property to the school, making it a breeze to shortlist your desired units.

Homes near school filter on 99.co
On 99.co, you can search for available homes near a particular school of your choice.

The following primary schools are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Ai Tong School
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary)
  • Catholic High School (Primary)
  • Holy Innocents’ Primary School
  • Nan Hua Primary School
  • Nanyang Primary School
  • Raffles Girls’ Primary School
  • Rosyth School
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School
  • St. Hilda’s Primary School
  • Tao Nan School
top primary schools in singapore
If you’re a parent looking to enrol your child into Primary 1, we’ve compiled a list of schools and properties within a 1km radius for you.

Ai Tong School

One of the most frequently oversubscribed schools in Singapore is Ai Tong School – a Chinese-medium school that places strong emphasis on the learning of Chinese culture, language and values.

There are many HDBs and condos scattered around the school’s vicinity, with the nearest one being a short 5 minute walk away.

Closest Proximity:
Bishan Point

Project type: 99-year leasehold condo
TOP: 2005
Price range: S$1.1M ~ S$1.8M
Average PSF: S$1,217.31
Distance from school: 130m (Walking)

Most Affordable:
22 Sin Ming Road

Project type: HDB
TOP: 1990
Price range: S$565K ~ S$1M
Average PSF: S$512.86
Distance from school: 350m (Walking)

Properties near Ai Tong School

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Founded in 1886 as an extension of the Methodist Church, Anglo-Chinese School got its name from conducting lessons in English at night and Chinese in the afternoon. This boys’ school is a popular institution, with an extensive list of notable alumni including cabinet ministers Vivian Balakrishnan and Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Most of the properties around ACS Primary are private properties, which can cost a pretty penny.

Closest Proximity:
Five Chancery

Project type: Freehold landed
TOP: 2011
Price range: S$5.75M ~ S$8M
Average PSF: S$1,300
Distance from school: 500m (Walking)

Most Affordable:
Robin Suites

Project type: Freehold condo
TOP: 2015
Price range: S$1M ~ S$3M
Average PSF: S$2,347.55
Distance from school: 2.3km (Driving)

Properties near Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary)

Established in 1933, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (SNGS) is a government-aided autonomous Catholic girls’ school. This popular primary school is centrally situated in Ang Mo Kio, with condos such as the aptly named Saint Nicholas View and The Panorama condo conveniently located nearby.

Closest Proximity:
Wellington Park
Project type: Freehold landed
TOP: 1985
Price range: S$730K ~ S$1.58M
Average PSF: S$1,375.86
Distance from school: 550m (Walking)

Most Affordable:
235 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Project type: HDB
TOP: 1977
Price range: S$320K ~ S$348K
Average PSF: S$415.63 ~ S$421.78
Distance from school: 2.2km (Driving)

Properties near CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary)

Catholic High School (Primary)

With affiliations to Catholic High School (Secondary) and Catholic Junior College, you can rest assured that your son will have a strong continued education, especially with Catholic High School (Secondary) advantageously situated right next door.

You can take your pick from the many HDB listings within the 1km vicinity with Natura Loft being just a stone’s throw away from the school.

Closest Proximity:
Natura Loft

Project type: HDB
TOP: 2011
Price range: S$988.89K ~ S$1.09M
Average PSF: S$897.88
Distance from school: 220m (Walking)

Most Affordable:
Bishan Heights

Project type: HDB
TOP: 1998
Price range: S$578K ~ $S868K
Average PSF: S$641 ~ S$738
Distance from school: 400m (Walking)

Properties near Catholic High School (Primary)

Nan Hua Primary School

Located in the west of Singapore, Nan Hua Primary School is a government-aided mixed school. The nearest property to NHPS would be The Trilinq or one of the many HDB flats in the Clementi area.

A new 99-year leasehold condo (Parc Clematis) is set to TOP in 2023, so you can start planning your child’s Primary 1 registration ahead of time.

Closest Proximity:
The Trilinq

Project type: 99-year leasehold condo
TOP: 2017
Price range: S$828K ~ S$5.68M
Average PSF: S$1,525.26
Distance from school: 450m (Walking)

Most Affordable:
510 West Coast Drive
or 306 Clementi Avenue 4
Project type: HDB
TOP: 1978 ~ 1979
Price range: S$339K ~ S$372K
Average PSF: S$439.22 ~ S$451.33
Distance from school: 800m (Walking)

Properties near Nan Hua Primary School

Holy Innocents’ Primary School

Holy Innocents’ Primary School is a co-ed school situated in Hougang. It places a strong focus on the development and preservation of Chinese culture, offering co-curricular activities such as Chinese Culture and Language as well as Chinese Weiqi.

To increase your chances of scoring a spot at Holy Innocents’ Primary School, you can choose from the many HDB resale flats in the area, or go with condo projects such as Midtown Residences or Trilive.

Closest Proximity:
Naung Residence

Project type: 99-year leasehold condo
TOP: 2015
Price range: S$740K ~ S$1.06M
Average PSF: S$1,338.29
Distance from school: 350m

Most Affordable:
2 Hougang Avenue 3

Project type: 3 Room HDB Flat
TOP: 1975
Price range: S$270K ~ S$298K
Average PSF: S$403.05
Distance from school: 700m (Walking or driving)

Properties near Holy Innocents’ Primary School

Nanyang Primary School

One of the perennially popular primary schools is none other than Nanyang Primary School. This school boasts an elite Bukit Timah postal code, which means most of the properties within the 1km radius come with hefty price tags.

However, not all hope is lost – you can find some resale HDB flats within 800m of the school on Queen’s Road and Farrer Road.

Closest Proximity:
The Asana

Project type: Freehold condo
TOP: 2019
Price range: S$1.03M ~ S$2.45M
Average PSF: S$2,468.86
Distance from school: 550m (Walking)

Most Affordable:
4 Queen’s Road
or 8 Empress Road
Project type: HDB
TOP: 1974 ~ 1976
Price range: S$350K ~ S$500K
Average PSF: S$542.51 ~ S$566.06
Distance from school: 220m ~ 650m (Walking)

Properties near Nanyang Primary School

Raffles Girls’ Primary School

Located within the cluster of choice primary schools in Bukit Timah, Raffles Girls’ Primary School is easily one of the most recognisable girls’ schools in Singapore. Properties within a 1km radius include Hillcrest Villa, Dunearn 386 and Duchess Crest.

Closest Proximity:
Hillcrest Villa

Project type: 99-year leasehold landed
TOP: 2009
Price range: S$2.88M ~ S$4.03M
Average PSF: S$1,008.64
Distance from school: 550m (Walking or driving)

Most Affordable:
10 Shelford

Project type: Freehold condo
TOP: 2014
Price range: S$830K ~ S$1.49M
Average PSF: S$1,465.29
Distance from school: 1.3km (Driving)

Properties near Raffles Girls’ Primary School

Rosyth School

Nestled in the heartland neighbourhood of Serangoon North, Rosyth School is surrounded by plenty of affordable housing options as it is located within a HDB estate.

If you prefer living in a private condominium, fret not as you can choose from several projects such as Regentville and Hundred Palms Residences.

Closest Proximity:

Project type: 99-year leasehold condo
TOP: 2000
Price range: S$750K ~ S$1.5M
Average PSF: S$781.79
Distance from school: 2.1km (Driving)

Most Affordable:
515 Serangoon North Avenue 4

Project type: 4 Room HDB Flat
TOP: 1992
Price range: S$430K ~ S$465K
Average PSF: S$384
Distance from school: 71m (Walking)

Properties near Rosyth School

Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School

Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School is a prestigious educational institution that is highly regarded as one of the elite choices amongst Singaporean parents.

Some of the housing options nearby include Honululu Tower, One Balmoral and Robin Residences.

Closest Proximity:
Robin Residences

Project type: Freehold condo
TOP: 2016
Price range: S$1.1M ~ S$5.75M
Average PSF: S$2,495.91
Distance from school: 600m (Walking or driving)

Most Affordable:
Fifty-two Stevens

Project type: Freehold condo
TOP: 2013
Price range: S$858K ~ S$2.4M
Average PSF: S$1,859.58
Distance from school: 1.8km (Driving)

Properties near Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School