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Will the retail bloodbath affect the residential property market in SG?

The retail side of the commercial property market probably deserves that funeral dance meme treatment. After all, the only thing emptier than a shopowner’s hopes right now are the shopping malls themselves. But will a retail bloodbath, with empty shops and ghost town malls, affect the price of residential property in Singapore? This isn’t always…

Has Interest in the Jewel Faded Already?

When Jewel first opened, everyone immediately flocked to it. But now, the interest seems to be waning. What’s really going on in The Jewel and will it sustain its popularity? Let’s find out: What is Jewel? Jewel Changi Airport, also known as Jewel, is a mixed-use development built recently. It consists of gardens, attractions, aviation…

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5 commercial properties Singaporeans secretly wish they own

Sure, we could go into detail about how commercial properties are a better investment because residential property have higher taxes, lower rental yield et cetera, but that’s not the only reason why plenty of Singaporeans wish they owned commercial properties. Whether it’s a kopitiam or a yoga studio, we’ve all fantasised about owning these at…

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